Promotion of Eco-Tourism

Nature trails


With a view to promote Eco-tourism and to educate and create awareness among masses about our rich floral and faunal heritage, the Department of Forests & Wildlife, Chandigarh Administration has created ‘Nature Trails’ throughout the length and breadth of the sanctuary. There are following eight such nature trails ranging from 2½ km length to 8 km length:-



  • Nepli Inspection Hut to Kansal Log Hut
8 Km
  • Nepli gate to Nepli Inspection hut via Ghareri
5 Km
  • Nepli gate to Nathewala and back
6 Km
  • Nepli gate to Nepli Inspection hut via Nathewala
6 Km
  • Kansal Loghut to Nepli gate
6½ Km
  • Kansal Loghut to Sukhomajri
5 Km
  • Kansal Loghut to Kansal Loghut towards Bhagwanpura

5 Km
  • Kansal Loghut to Kansal Loghut (Towards Nepli)
2½ Km

These Nature trails are passing through the woods, hill-slopes and water bodies and the gradient is varying from gentle to steep.

While trekking through the Nature trails, we have close interaction with variety of Mammals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and insects. The trails pass through different kind of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses & climbers. These trails give us good insight to the flora, fauna, soil conservation works, water bodies and wildlife habitat and its management.