To vest the State Government with legal authority to regulate the construction and administration of the New Capital of Punjab at Chandigarh, the State Legislature enacted The Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act, 1952, which received the assent of Governor of Punjab on 17th December, 1952 and first published in Punjab Government Gazette (Extraordinary) on 19th December 1952. When Punjab was divided, both Punjab and Haryana claimed the new city for its capital. Pending resolution of the issue, the Central Government made Chandigarh a Union Territory (under Section 4 of the Punjab Re-Organisation Act, 1966, with effect from November 1, 1966) with its administration functioning directly under the Central government. Under the provision of this Act, the laws in force in the erstwhile State of Punjab prior to November 1,1966, continue to be applicable to the Union Territory of Chandigarh. Thereafter, various departments of the Union Territory have enacted various Rules under this Act, which lay the guidelines for  the governance of Chandigarh.

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