How Do I? > get possession permit for serving liquor on special occasions

Procedure for getting possession permit for serving the liquor on special occasions

A special permit in form L-42 is required for serving liquor by an individual to his guests on some special occasion or function organized in a Hotel, Community Centre or any other place booked/used for holding a function. The procedure for obtaining this permit is as follows:-

  • Application addressed to Excise & Taxation Officer (Excise), Addl. Town Hall Building, Sector-17, Chandigarh.
  • Treasury receipt of rs.3000/- (per day), special occassions in chandigarh municipal corporation community centers/open space/residence, etc. To be deposited under head 039-state excise.
  • Treasury receipt of rs.5000/- (per day), special occassions in hotels/ restaurants/ banquet hall /marriage palace/ bhawans, etc to be deposited under head 039-state excise.
  • Booking/reservation slip of the place where function is to be organized or alternatively printed invitation card.