1. Application Form (Form SW-3)
  2. Application Form duly filled up alongwith following self attested documents:-
    1. Residence Proof for the last three years duly attested (Voter Identity Card, Ration Card, Electricity Bill)
    2. Birth Certificate of the girl child.
  3. On receipt of applications, these are scrutinized by the CDPOs strictly in accordance with the guidelines prescribed in the notification of the scheme.
  4. The eligible applicants under the scheme are sanctioned Rs. 5.000/-.
  5. Applications are considered on first-cum-first serve basis.


A Scheme known as Apni Beti Apna Dhan is being implemented in UT, Chandigarh for improving the status of the girl children in the families living below poverty line. An amount of Rs.5000/- on the birth of girl child is being deposited in the name of girl child in the children career plan which will be payable after the girl completes the age of 18 years and have passed matriculation examination. This benefit is given subject to the following criteria:-

  1. Either of the parents is not an employee of the Government or Govt. Board or Corporation or any Public Sector Undertaking or Organization having Class I or Class II status.
  2. Either of the parents is not an income tax payee.
  3. Parents of the girl child are living below the poverty line as prescribed by the Government of India from time to time, if either of the parents is not covered under the above two sub-clauses.
  4. The girl child is either the first or second child of the family. Family having more than two children will not be eligible, provided that if the second and third child are twins, the benefit shall also be available to the third child.
  5. The parents should be residents of the Union Territory, Chandigarh.
  6. The child should not already be covered under any similar scheme of any other State or the Union Territory.