Nepli & Kansal Forest

Nepali & Kansal Forest  (Watch Towers & Rest Houses)


Traditional watchtowers & signages camouflaging the forests are constructed along the nature trails which add beauty to the trails. One can get wide view of Shivalik hills from these twelve watch towers. These watch-towers also help in detecting/ spotting forest fire, illegal poaching and felling. There are three beautiful rest houses namely Kansal Loghut, Kansal Inspection hut and Nepli Inspection hut inside the Sanctuary. Provision of Boating is also kept in water bodies near ‘Kansal Loghut’ and ‘Nepli Inspection hut’


Good forests, easy spotting of wildlife, picturesque water bodies, sprawling lawn of ‘Kansal Loghut’ and ‘Nepli inspection hut’ and serpentine nature trails are attracting Nature lovers and other visitors to Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary. Last year (October 2007 to October 2008), more than 10,000 persons visited the Sanctuary.