How Do I? > File VAT e-Returns through CDs

Procedure to File VAT e-Returns through CDs

  • All the VAT/CST returns forms in MS Excel format can be downloaded from the website.

  • All columns of the return in form VAT-15, VAT-17, Form-I and Lists in Form VAT-18, VAT-19, VAT-23 & VAT-24 should be filled correctly as prescribed under VAT- Rules mentioned on the website. No incomplete return shall be accepted at Department of Excise & Taxation, UT, Chandigarh.

  • For VAT Return’s : Need to fill VAT15,VAT 23 and Vat 24 in ‘MS Excel’ format

  • For CST Return’s: Need to fill Form I, VAT 18 and Vat 19 in ‘MS Excel’ format

  • IMPORTANT : Before saving the forms, click on ‘NON-EDITABLE’ button in the return forms as this will secure your data.

  • Once the return forms are filled please save them with following file names:

Return Forms

File Name

Instructions Download Forms

Form I


Form I Instructions

VAT 18


VAT 18 Instructions

VAT 19


VAT 19 Instructions

VAT 15


VAT 15 Instructions

VAT 23


VAT 23 Instructions

VAT 24


VAT 24 Instructions

  • Thereafter, prepare a non-editable CD of your completely filled return forms for one return period and mention the following information on CD with the permanent marker:

    • Return Period


    • Signature

  • For every return period, separate CD needs to be submitted.

  • Submit the CD to the ETO Incharge of your ward along with their hardcopies.