Commercial Circular No.01/2007
         The Chief Engineer,
         Union Territory,
         The Superintending Engineer,
         Electy. OP circle.

         Office Order No.9308
         Dated 01-10-07

Subject:   Granting of permission to install Diesel Generating Sets

In supersession to Notification Dated 29.9.2003, the Administration, Union territory, Chandigarh is pleased to issue the revised instructions for various categories of consumers, including prospective consumers for permission to install Diesel Generating Sets for their own use on the following conditions:-

1.(I)(a)    Consumers in the Domestic/Coomercial Areas shall have to submit alongwith the application a "No Objection                Certificate" from the Estate Office, Chandigarh Administration.
       (b)    The persons intendingto install D.G.Sets shall deposit with the local Operation Sub-Division a fee at the following                 rates for obtaining permission from the competent authority:-

Sr. No. D.G.Set Capacity Permission Fee
1.Upto 100 KVA@Rs. 10 per KVA subject to a minimum of Rs.50 and maximum of Rs.500.
2.Above 100 KVA to 1000KVA@Rs.5 per KVA subject to maximum of Rs. 1000
3.Above 1000 KVA@Rs 1 per KVA

Note:In cases where the consumers of U.T.Electricity Department , are found running D.G.Sets without proper permission , fee rates for regularization and grant of permission in such cases shall be double of those given above.

       (c)  Copy of the receipt in token of proof for having deposited permission fee shall be attached with the application to be               submitted to S.E.(Electy.) Operation Circle, Chandigarh., for obtaining formal permission of the Competent               Authority.
        II.  The person intending to install D.G.Set shall furnish the following details to S.E.(Electy.) Operation Circle, for               obtaining formal permission of the Electricity Department:-

       (i)    Name , Complete Address and Account No.(Applicable to existing consumers).
       (ii)   Name of Asub-Division/Division in whose jurisdiction the set is to be installed.
       (iii)  (a)  Sanctioned connected load.
       (b)  Sanctioned contract Demand, if any.
       (c)  Supply Voltage (In case of prospective consumers, above details may be supplied in respect of               appliedLoad/Demand).
       (iv)   Name of Industry/Business.
       (v)   Particulars of Generating set(s), already installed for which permission had been obtained earlier. Number and               date of letters issued by U.T.Electricity Department conveying such sanction should be indicated.
       (vi)   Details of D.G.Set not installed, although permission was granted by Electricity Department, UT Chandigarh.
       (vii)   Rating/Particulars (if known) of Generating Set(s) for which permission was sought.
       (viii)   Purpose of installation i.e. whether as a stand by or as a captive unit.
       (ix)   Key Diagram showing the arrangement of connecting D.G. Set(s) with the Chandigarh Electricity Department               Bus/Load.
       (x)     An undertaking that a proper meter shall be provided to measure the energy generated from the D.G. Set and that               this data shall be supplied to Electricity Department, Chandigarh as and when asked for.
III.  Following shall be the competent authorities for grant of permission for
        installation of Generating Set(s) :-
1.For total generating capacity upto 1 MVAS.E.Electy(OP)
2.(a)For total generating capacity
above 1 MVA and up to 5MVA
Chief Engineer
(b)For total generating capacity above 5 MVAChief Engineer

Where the generating set is
to be operated in parallel with
Chandigarh Electricity supply system
Chief Engineer

IV.     After obtaining permission from the Department , applicant shall give notice of not less than 7 (seven) days to the concerned Deputy Commssioner, initiating the particulars of Electrical Installation and Plant, the nature and the purpose of supply.
V.     A separate notice of not less than 7 days shall be given by the applicant to the Electrical Inspector , UT Chandigarh. Notice has to be accompanied by the following documents :-
  1. Particulars of the Electrical Installation and Plan thereof.
  2. A copy of the notice sent to the Deputy Commissioner.
  3. An attested copy of the consent received from the Chandigarh Electricity Department.
  4. Original Challan of the prescribed inspection fee under the following Head of Account “0043-Taxes and duties on Electricity Inspection Fees under the Indian Electricity Rules.”
  5. Test report from Licensed Wiring Contractor in token of his having carried out the job tested the installation for safety.
  6. A single line key diagram indicating the arrangements of connections of the Generator installation to the existing electrical installation to the existing electrical installation, VIZ. UT Electricity Department Bus/Load.

VI.     Suitable energy meter shall be installed and the same should be got tested from the Electricity Department Testing Laboratory at 66KV Sub-Station, Industrial Area, Phase-II, Chandigarh on deposit of prescribed charges.

VII.     Fool proof arrangements to be approved by the S.E. (Electy.) ‘OP’’ Circle, UT Chandigarh shall be peovided to avoid mixing of supply of Chandigarh Electricity Department with that bo be generated by the Generating Set(s). It shall be ensured that the neutral of Chandigarh Electricity Department Supplly is isolated during changeover to D.G Set Supply. All relevant provisions of the Indigan Electricity Rules, 1956, shall be compled with in respect of the installation and test report of the installation shall be furnished.

VIII.     In the case of consumers of the Chandigarh Electricity Department having unauthorized D.G. Set(s) the same shall be disconnected after giving 24 hours notice and shall not be allowed to run till its sanction is obtained by the consumer from the competent authority and a requisite fee is deposited as per para 1(b) above and completion of other formalities. In case , the consumer does not disconnect the D.G. Set or applies for regularization of D.G.Stes, his connection shall be disconnected after giving 24 hours notice in writing for contravening these provisions and clause 19 of the Abridged Conditions of supply. Supply in such cases , shall not be restored unless the consumer disconnects the D.G Set(s) and furnishes test report for the sanctioned electrical installation or complies with the above provisions.
However, where the consumer applies for sanction of competent authority by completion of requisite formalities, the same shall be accorded within a period of 30 days and in case approval is not received within this period, consumer shall be free to use his D.G. Set after the expiry of this period by submitting a test report.
  1. In case of persons not having any electric connection , but found to have installed the D.G. Set in contravention of the provisions, the Chandigarh Electricity Department shall be entitled to direct such a person to shut down such plants and works without any notice beside referring the matter to the Chief Electrical Inspector/Deputy Commissioner to take such other action as deemed necessary.

    However when such a person applies for grant of permission to install D.G. Set, the procedure as given in para-I above shall be applicable.

    These Orders shall come into force with immediate effect.

Executive Engineer(HQ)
For Secretary Engineering,
Engineering Department,
Chandigarh Administration.
Dated 28.9.2007

Endst. No.

     Copy forwarded to the following for information and necessary action:
  1. Deputy Commissioner, Union Territory, Chandigarh
  2. All Executive Engineers, Electricity Wing of the Engineering Department.
  3. All Sub Divisional Engineers, Electricity Wing of the Engineering Department.
  4. Accounts Officer, Electricity(OP) Circle, Chandigarh

Executive Engineer(HQ)
For Secretary Engineering,
Engineering Department,
Chandigarh Administration.