Urban Planning

The Department of Urban Planning consists of two wings (Architecture wing and Town Planning Wing). The Architecture Wing deals with the designing of Govt. buildings, Standard designs, architectural and frame control etc. whereas the Town Planning Wing prepares scheme for the implementation of Master Plan, Planning of new areas/Sectors, Zoning Plans, besides identifying land use zones. The technical advices on the projects like structural, public health and electrical are forwarded by the engineering Department to the Chief Architect and overall coordination of the different Engineering Services is done by the Architectural Wing both at the drawing board level as well as in the field. The Department also deals with the concept approval of different categories of buildings/societies, besides scrutiny of building plans. The Department plays a pivotal role in the Plan Advisory Committee (Upper and Lower). The Town Planning Wing deals with the Planning and earmarking of land for the allotment to the Institutions/Societies. The Department also deals with zoning regulations and architectural control and standard design to the public on payment basis. In addition to the normal workload of the Capital projects, the Department also deals with the projects of the others states/Central govt. and public Sector Undertakings as Deposit works.

The chief Architect in the Union Territory of Chandigarh is the Professional Head and Administrative Secretary (at present the powers of ex-officio secy. Rests with the Finance Secy.) of the Department of Architecture and responsible to the Adviser to the Administrator, Chandigarh. In the discharge of her duties, the Chief Architect is assisted by the Senior Architect, Architect, Assistant Architects besides other gazetted and non-gazetted technical, Ministerial and Class-IV Staff. She supervises sketch designs, issued instructions/advice on designs and outlines all specifications to accompany the sketch designs. She ensures coordination of Engineering Services i.e. structural, public health and electrical etc. both at the drawing board level as well as in the field. In addition to the above, the Chief Architect is responsible for smooth functioning of the all the works and duties of the department. The Department of Urban Planning (Architecture Wing) is responsible for the planning and designing of the City known as ‘City Beautiful’-Chandigarh.

As per existing norms approved by the Chandigarh Administration in the year 1982, one Architectural Unit headed by an Architect, is required to handle workload of Rs. 80 lacs per annum. Out of these seven Architectural Units, two units are meant for the following purposes:

  • One Architectural Units after every set of five-work load units for architectural controls of buildings constructed by the public.
  • One Architectural unit for entire range of Municipal Works concerned with the passing of buildings plans, maintenance of commercial record etc.

The other wing of the Department is Town Planning wing, which is headed by the Senior Town Planner. His duties are as under:

Over all supervision for the office and proper discharge of multifarious technical and administrative functions of the Town Planning wing. Providing guidance in finalization of the various cases related to physical planning of the town and its periphery. The Senior Town Planner also renders proper technical guidance in setting up and planning of various projects related to Urban Planning. The preparation of environment scheme and macro/micro planning of villages falling in the U.T. Chandigarh. Preparation of integrated planning of rural area and balance development of the entire U.T. periphery. He also assists the Chief Architect in administrative as well as technical matters.