Chandigarh Transport Undertaking

The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking functions under supervision of the Home Secretary who is also the Secretary, Transport. The Director, Transport, carries out day-to-day management, assisted by three general managers in addition to works managers and other staff. When the CTU came into existence in 1966 it had a fleet of only 30 buses; today there are 417 buses.


Fleet: Total strength is 417 buses, 209 buses run on local/suburban routes, 208 buses run on Interstate routes covering Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, U.P., Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Delhi & J & K CTU buses traveled approx.1.30 lac kilometers per day and approx.1.5 lac commuters commutes daily in CTU Buses.

Staff: CTU's staff ratio per bus is the lowest in the country: just 5.54 employees per bus compare with Bombay 10.99, Delhi's 9.16, Calcutta's 11.66 and Ahmedabad's 10.33.


Computerisation: The daily duties of operational staff with buses, Maintenance of Bus ticketing accounts system, Daily cash maintenance, Class IV employees GPF maintenance, Salaries, Overtime and Traveling Allowances have been completely computerized and all applications are running ONLINE. Computerisation of Depot-III is also in the pipeline.

Social services: Freedom fighters, War Widows, Blind persons, thalessemia patients along with one attendant with each category and journalists can travel free in CTU buses within U.T. Area and concession has been extended to handicapped persons and senior citizens, students and employees in CTU Buses within the U.T area. For concession details please refer to Citizen Charter.

Local Bus Operation: Chandigarh Transport Undertaking has introduced Grid Transport System in Chandigarh on local routes to reduce the traveling time by the passengers.

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